Don't be a rec this      year-end.

Discover how Wilko put a smile on their Auditor's face...

Let's face it, there are a million things in AP that you know you need to do, but just don't have the time!

Discover how British Retailer, Wilko, adopted AI to do more with less. And how their big secret led to happy auditors, boosted team morale, huge efficiency gains and much more!

Co-hosted by Industry Experts:

  • Angie Fong, Finance Admin Manager at Wilko
  • Jamie Radford, Founder at APA
  • Max Whyte, Commercial Director at Xelix

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What can you expect?

Learn how Wilko adopted Xelix's automated supplier statement reconciliation module to:

  • Prevent missed invoices/credit notes in the ERP transition process (and beyond!)
  • Accurately and speedily reconcile 100% of statements to ensure a smooth year-end
  • Demonstrate a robust AP audit process and compliant audit trail to auditors
  • Reduce supplier queries and improve supplier relationships
  • Improve payment performance and reporting
  • Empower their finance team with easy-to-use, time-saving technology


Does the below sound familiar? 

  • The year-end dread
  • Dull & repetitive work
  • High volume of supplier queries
  • Missed credit notes
  • Neglected reconciliations
  • AP errors & overpayments
  • No time to focus on value-adding tasks
  • Increased fraud attempts over the pandemic